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WooCommerce Bulk Buyer Discounts - Wordpress Plugin

18th March, 2014

In a recent Wordpress website build that utilised WooCommerce, I was asked to include some automatic discounts for users who purchase more than 1 of a single or multiple specified products. The only free plugin I found provides discounts for multiple purchases of 1 product only, the alternative was to purchase one of WooThemes discount plugins which start at about $100. I opted to have a go at building my own plugin to address the problem, so, built for purpose this plugin provides bulk discount options for specified products, See the details below for more info:

Plugin Description

A simple discount plugin for bulk buying in Woocommerce using automatic unique '1 use only coupons', triggered by product ID and quantity of matching products. WC Bulk Buyers Discounts is under the GPL2 license and as such is free to use, distribute and/or modify as you wish! if you do find it useful please consider donating a small amount to fund my dreams of creating a galactic empire.


  1. Download and extract Make sure WooCommerce is installed and activated.
  2. Copy the "wc-bulk-buyer-discounts" folder to your wordpress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Open your Wordpress admin interface and go to Plugins, find WC Bulk Buyer Discounts and click Activate.
  4. Now go to Settings --> WCBBD Settings and set the following options:
    • Discount Percentage - Enter as a whole number the discount percentage (0-100)
    • Cart Quantity Qualification    - Enter the number of discountable products that must be in a users cart to qualify for the discount
    • Discountable Products - Enter product ID's separated by commas, i.e. 102,132,140
    • Expired Coupon Cleanup - Check this checkbox to automatically schedule a daily deletion of any bulk buyer coupons that are expired.
  5. Thats it! have a look and see how the coupons are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are there lots of wierd 'bulk-buyer-discount...' coupons in my woocommerce coupons page now?! 
A. The WC Bulk Buyer Discounts plugin creates unique coupons for each user as they create and modify their shopping cart, this ensures no coupons are abused again and again, each coupon can only be used once, expires after 1 day and will be removed if the cart items do not meet the required quantity and allowed products. The coupons could build up BUT as long as the "Expired Coupon Cleanup" checkbox is ticked the plugin will look for and delete any coupons it created that are expired.

Q. Why is this plugin so limited, there are not many options?
A. First of all, this is my first plugin so it was never going to be extensive and secondly I created it for a client of mine for free and thought maybe other people could use it or some of its code...

Q. Can you make it so the discounts can be cash value instead of percentage?
A. The next release will feature an options setting to change the type of coupon the plugin uses, in the meantime if you want me to I can tell you where to make the changes for this, just drop me an email:


Menu Location

Menu Location


Options Page

Options Page


Example of Automatically Applied Coupon

Example of Automatically Applied Coupon with WC Bulk Buyer Discounts Plugin


You can download the WC Bulk Buyer Discounts Plugin at wordpress.orgs plugin directory here:

Alternatively it is hosted on this site:


= 0.1 =
    - First build, untested.
= 1.0 =
    - Second iteration, tested and working.

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